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Redistribution focus of urban development in relation to the principles of the formation of planning areas and zones of the city, as well as to overcome the imbalances caused by monocentrism most urban structures, due to the diverse and interconnected in time and level of activities to promote housing construction (the ratio of reconstructive and new construction volumes, and their placement), coherence and partial relocation of industrial enterprises, redistribution tsentroformiruyuschih service functions, reorganization of the transport system.

solution of each of these issues should be planned to meet the requirements dictated by the intra-(zonal) wide and agglomeration levels, and identification of functional accent and planning to carry out the development with the creation of appropriate incentives for social redistribution of the demographic potential, both in the structure of the city center, and formed on the basis of the group system.

Creation of the planning and spatial patterns corresponding to the directions of future economic and social development, as noted, is inseparable from the formation of a unified structure covering a large city and the group system of settlements in general. Historically formed the basis, economic and natural conditions for the formation of the city center and the resettlement areas is largely dictates the choice of scheme planning decision.

Alignment focus of urban development

basis adjustment of transport structure

boundaries of administrative-territorial division

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